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Chrysler Faces Criticism for Full-Page ‘Thank You’ Ads – FOXNews.com Transition Tracker

by on Jan.02, 2009, under Opinions, politics

Chrysler Faces Criticism for Full-Page ‘Thank You’ Ads – FOXNews.com Transition Tracker.

As if flying in private jets to Washington, begging for monies that they shouldn’t get isn’t enough, now Chrysler takes your tax money and buys a “Thank You” add with it.  It’s like saying “HA HA SUCKERS”.  I’m tired of the rumblings of people who tell me that the US would suffer horribly if we let the big 3 founder.  Chapter 11, Chapter 13, and utter failure are viable options for the Auto industry in this country.  Did the Government step in when the Airline industry was failing two years ago? No.  And just what did happen there? Well, as a reminder, several of the carriers simply *winked* out of existance.  Several others filed for Bankruptsy – reorganization.  And what is the current outcome? A stronger, leaner, and more efficient travel industry, that is actually turning profits.  Did the Unions gripe about the re-organization? Absolutely.  Were there concessions made from all sides? Absolutely.  And are there still jobs in the Airline / Aviation industry? Absolutely.

Chrysler's $600K "Thank You" to America

Did the US Economy or taxpayers have to foot the bill?


We have school systems that do not have enough money for books, pencils and paper, yet the Big 3 can beg for funding, and get it.  Police and Fire services are being cut in major cities, due to corruption, mismanagement, and poor leadership.  The politicians and the big business leaders seem to be lining each other’s pockets, with our tax money.

I think it’s about time that we held our “elected” officials responsible for our money.  Write your senator and congressmen today, to tell them that you don’t want to see bailouts, back-room deals, or any other squandering of our money.  We want our freedom back, we want our public services restored, and we want 110% transparency on all funding decisions.  The books of the US government and all government employees need to be opened.  We have a right to know where our money goes, and a right to say “NO” to the squandering of that money.

“The ads ran last week in several major daily newspapers, including USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Since USA Today and The Wall Street Journal are two of the highest-circulation newspapers in the country, full-page ad rates are steep. A full-page ad in The Wall Street Journal runs between $206,000 and $264,000, and a full-page ad in USA Today runs between $112,000 and $217,000. ”

$206,000 + $200,000 + $112,000 = $618,000.  All that to say “Thanks”?

Write your Representatives

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