This month’s dc404 meeting was awesome.  We had ~40 people there and discussed many of the tools that we all use for our computers, and I found quite a few that I think I’m going to have to add to my personal list.

I decided in the first 10 minutes of the meeting that I would put together the list of what was presented, in order for us to have a record of them, and perhaps to even add more comments, and additional tools from some people who weren’t comfortable sharing in a large group.

My thanks to everyone who contributed, I’m always amazed at our groups dynamic, and appreciate everyone’s contributions.

I have uploaded the spreadsheet that I took my notes in here, and also an HTML page here, that you can simply bookmark and refer to…

If you’d like to add more tools, or leave a comment, please do.  (If you want an account to blog here, please simply request one).


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  1. dc0de (Jim N.) Says:

    ?Tools that I cannot live without?? from our 12/20 dc404 meeting

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